Community is integral to our vision at St Joseph’s school.

“ We exist to be miracle workers to one another. It is in community that we are called to grow. It is in community we see God in one another. It is community that calls me beyond the horizons of my own life, my own country, my own race, and gives me the gifts I do not have within me….. The function of community is to enable us to be about something greater than ourselves.”

(Joan Chittister OSB)

Research shows that effective parent engagement is essential for schools to improve student learning and wellbeing.

Schools that undertake effective parent engagement are up to four times more likely to improve literacy and up to ten times more likely to improve numeracy.

The welcoming nature of the school, the approachability of staff and the spirit of community are evidence of the school’s success in enhancing the home school partnership.’ (School review 2010.)

We recognise our unique context and transient population and work diligently to ensure our community is one where all families feel a sense of belonging and are supported.


We recognise the importance of effective communication in our school so we have:

Classroom information displayed on notice boards outside each classroom,

daily information on white boards near front entrances to the school,

Whole school and community information in newsletters, assemblies and on large display boards as parents walk into the school.

Buddy parents  ensure communication is effective with our new parents. This system offers an opportunity to strengthen our relationships and be a support to our new families.

Emails, newsletters,text messages, assemblies are all important tools of communciation. By ensuring the information is on line enables our defence force parents away at sea or interstate an opportunity to be informed on what is going on in the school.

Staff value forming positive relationships with every parent in their class. We value positive relationships and teachers are proactive at ensuring they meet and greet and are available to speak with parents and gather and chat with parents.


We have a fantastic number of parents volunteering in our school. The school becomes a point of contact for our parents. We also have a number of grandparents who volunteer their services in a number of areas.

Parents are actively involved in the following areas.

Parent helpers, Running Club, electives, Uniform Shop, fundraising, sports days, Parish sports days, sausage sizzles, Fun Fair, social nights, Mothers and Fathers Day stalls and celebrations.

Learning at Home

We organise events to bring families and staff together. These are aimed at building and maintaining positive relationships and inform parents on how we approach learning and teaching. We are building a Learning community where parents, staff and students work in partnership. Learning together is most important and we encourage parents to be as involved as they can in their child’s education.

Decision Making

Sharing Knowledge, Building Relationships, Sharing a Vision.

We listen to different groups to allow us to share our vision. We value and promote parent voice to enable us to make the best decisions and facilitate the success of each student in the best way possible.