At St Joseph’s the learner is at the centre of all that we do. We have high expectations of all of our children. We spend time getting to know each student’s needs and learning styles, which has enabled us to provide effective programs. We personalise the learning to ensure each child at St Joseph’s reaches their full potential. We empower the school community with the skills and attitudes to recognise, create and participate effectively in a changing world.

  • We use the Inquiry Process to explore into big concepts within the Victorian curriculum. These concepts were developed to help students deepen their skills and understandings of themselves, their community and their global connections.
  •  We have up to date technology allowing our children to participate effectively in a  changing world.
  •  We are a contemporary learning school ensuring children are connecting their  learning to the wider world.
  • Our learning spaces have been designed to provide flexible spaces where children can access learning anywhere, anytime. These include an extensive community garden, outside kitchen and wetlands and a mangrove research centre.
  • Inquiry learning and creativity. This includes investigations through an extensive inquiry cycle where higher order thinking, questioning and critical curiosity are encouraged, ensuring children have voice and choice in their learning and can make meaning and connection to their lives.
  • Flexible class groupings take into account individual learning styles and provide ‘hands on’ learning opportunities.
  • We have worked diligently to improve best teacher practice at St. Joseph’s over the past years. Staff have been involved in extensive professional development to ensure we are demonstrating powerful teaching and learning.
  • Learning is differentiated and personalized to the needs of each student and hence goal setting and reflective practices are becoming embedded into our daily routine. We have established a positive learning environment for boys and girls alike.
  • We provide a comprehensive program including wide ranging experiences in specialist subjects for all students.