Education in Faith

At St Joseph’s School, students are equipped with skills to assist them to live the values of the Gospel and to make connections between Catholicism and the morality of everyday life in the school, Parish and wider community.

This is achieved through both curriculum implementation as well as provision of additional opportunities for students to exercise citizenship skills through involvement in Social Justice activities and participate in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church.

At St Joseph’s School, students learn to think about, articulate and take action to demonstrate their Christian identity, and express their distinctiveness as individuals within the school, Parish and wider community.
The primary Religious Education Curriculum Framework is used to implement the To Know, Worship & Love resources, in which standards and stages of student development are taught through the inquiry process. This ensures that a faith seeking understanding approach is achieved.

Students explore concepts pertaining to:

  • Knowledge and Understanding by demonstrating skills to assist students to live the values of the Gospel.
  • Reasoning and Responding by developing critical and analytical thinking skills.
  • Personal and Communal Engagement by encouraging students to behave as active and socially just citizens in the school, Parish and wider Community.
  • Scripture and Jesus by developing students’ understanding and ability to interpret  scripture in light of Jesus as a positive social role model.
  • Prayer, Liturgy and Sacraments; by providing students and parents with support and opportunities to pray, meditate, celebrate Mass and liturgy and commence or continue on their personal sacramental journey.
  •  God, Religion and Life by encouraging students to make  connections between Catholicism, Christianity and the morality of everyday life in the school, Parish and wider community.

At each level, learning is focused on the dimensions of religious learning and the key practices and beliefs students need to engage with at stage of their faith journey.