Global Community

We are preparing our children to be independent citizens empowered to contribute to society with compassion, justice and service. We want our children to build relationships and make connections with the local and global community through authentic experiences and to take responsibility for themselves and their future.

We believe that success in the modern world depends on attribute of the mind and heart that are deeper than the ability to get things right. Claxton, Guy 2012

Digital technologies are ensuring our students have access to a diverse, complex and fast changing world. We understand that young people need to be versatile and have a range of capabilities to collaborate and communicate with others across the globe. Students need to learn to connect the physical and virtual world in a positive and meaningful manner.

We strive to ensure our students use this to build a positive understanding of the world and put safeguards in place against the potential risks they face. Our school is a child safe school where we work to ensure all levels of safety are a high priority.

We seek out innovative partnerships with business , community and philanthropic enterprise to ensure our students have a broad range of experiences and know, understand and take action in their local environment and share learning with others and across the globe.