History of St Joseph’s

St. Joseph’s school, Crib Point, first opened in 1927 to provide a Catholic Education forchildren of Defence Force families. St. Joseph’s school is situated in a small coastal community on the Mornington Peninsula and belongs to the Parishes of Westernport and HMAS Cerberus. Enrolments are drawn from Crib Point, Bittern, Somers, Balnarring, Shoreham, Point Leo and HMAS Cerberus community.

The school was opened by his Grace Archbishop Mannix in January 1927. Father A,J Martin started the school to provide a Catholic Education for Defence Force families. At this time many students came from the migrant camp at Somers to attend St. Joseph’s school.

Original work done was raised by parents, committees and collections from the Naval Chapel Our Lady Star of the Sea HMAS Cerberus.

For many years the Naval Chaplain maintained and supported the school as there wasn’t a local Parish. With the formation of Immaculate Conception Parish in Hastings in 1956, the job of maintaining the school passed over to the Parish over time.

Today we are fortunate to have the support of both Parishes with Masses being led at our school by either the Parish Priest of Westernport or the Naval Chaplain. We are very proud of our association with both Parishes and the community connections and support we receive.

The Sisters of St. Joseph’s supported the school for many years and have been a wonderful part of the school’s history over time. We thank them for all of their dedication to all in our community.