Wellbeing Hub

At St Joseph’s we aim to develop a caring and supportive school, where all members of our community experience a sense of belonging and each individual’s uniqueness is valued and nurtured. Each year we undertake different projects that aim to develop this sense of belonging and community.

In 2020 and 2021, a whole school innovative Wellbeing Hub was designed and established. The purpose of the hub was to provide a specific space to meet the students educational, social and emotional needs. At St. Josephs’ we believe in establishing a sense of belonging for all through a strong shared vision where all students belong, connect and grow. The purpose of the hub is for students to develop their social and emotional learning skills, to learn to self-regulate and build their overall resilience and sense of wellbeing. The hub embraces and increases our student’s capacity for learning by helping them to see how they see the world and themselves within it. The Welling Hub is not about the latest programme but the learners themselves and is truly inclusive in nature.

Students are provided with opportunities to learn about their emotions and learning through encounters with others within the hub and by way of specific programmes such as Canine Therapy, Seasons, Art Therapy, MPower and many more.