At St Joseph’s we aim to equip the learner with the skills, knowledge and understanding of Mathematics required to participate effectively in a changing world.

Curriculum Design

The curriculum design of the Mathematics curriculum follows a scope and sequence that allows for the continued development of skills and knowledge from the early years through to the upper levels. Children are taught at their level and challenged to extend their thinking and understanding.

Student Interaction

Students in Mathematics are encouraged to interact within  flexible groupings and learning spaces. They reflect on their learning through discussions and sharing with their peers

Teaching and Learning

In Mathematics we engage students by providing explicit hands on teaching of the necessary skills through to real world contemporary practises and understandings. We allow students to investigate and apply their knowledge to new and relevant situations.

Staff Interaction/Development

Staff participate in regular Professional learning that is in line with the vision of Mathematics at St Joseph’s School. They continue to strive for best practise through observation and reflection with peers within and outside of the school.

Parents and Community

It is the aim of St Joseph’s School to develop partnerships within the school and the wider community. These partnerships are made with parents, experts and guest speakers that help students to connect their understanding of Mathematics to the real world.


To ensure that Mathematics teaching is engaging and relevant students have access to a variety of resources. These include concrete materials, problem solving resources and contemporary tools relevant to all dimensions of Mathematics.