Health & Physical Education

St Joseph’s has a strong sporting culture, with senior children participating in a number of events each year including swimming, summer lighting premierships, cross country, winter lighting premierships, athletics, bike education and triathlon.

Each week children from Grades Prep-6 undertake a one-hour Physical Education session focusing on fundamental motor skills, such as:

  • throwing
  • catching
  • kicking
  • bouncing
  • agility
  • jumping
  • athletics

Each session also focuses on coordination, fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Over the years we have had a number of students represent our school at both regional and state levels in swimming, cross country, athletics and basketball.

Each year students participate in an annual junior and senior Parish sports carnival. These events are combined with our other Parish school, St Mary’s and St Brendan’s. These days are a highlight in the yearly sporting calendar and are a way for our 3 Parish school to connect and work together.

An annual swim program is organized for the last 2 weeks of each school year, where children undertake a half hour session each day focusing on water awareness and safety, which is held at the Crib Point swimming pool.

To celebrate our wonderful school and the excellent sporting ability all our children hold St Joseph’s also runs an annual House Athletics Carnival in term 4. This is a wonderful event, where children are able to celebrate and compete for their house team and have fun with their friends and family.