Learning Community

Our students are inquirers in their learning always building their skills and dispositions to explore, make meaning and take action based on their discoveries. We know that inquiry is critical to our learning and growth. “That means to know where to look, how to look, how to question, how to challenge, how to proceed independently, to deal with the challenges the world presents to you … in cooperation and solidarity with others.” (Noam Chromsky)

Building positive relationships with each child is paramount.  We know that it is crucial that students feel a sense of belonging and connected to their lives. We aim to provide a Contemporary learning experience where every individual is important and unique. We want children to understand self, others and the world around them by building important relationships and connecting to community.

We believe we are all lifelong learners all on a journey of self-improvement. We encourage students to strive for excellence by making the best possible use of all of their talents and abilities. We believe good learners are knowledge critics, are persistent, have grit and resilience and collaborate with others.

Teachers highly value professional learning  ensuring they are skilled to equip and motivate students to achieve their best and experience success. Staff work collaboratively ensuring a consistent approach to curriculum and teaching practice.

Students are energised and engaged through uncovering what matters to them. The diversity of their interests, their deep questions in life, and knowing and understanding different ways of learning. ( Horizons of Hope 2015) Teachers understand their role in facilitating and inciting in students this passion and commitment to their learning and the important role they play in this. Student voice and choice is imperative to our philosophy of learning as we strive to ensure our students are the sculptures of their learning and future.

Teachers use a consistent and carefully designed curriculum including a consistent learning process where students are drivers in their learning and feedback is continuous, accurate and specific promoting critical reflection and evaluation of their individual progress.