Joey’s Club

St.Joseph’s recognise how important it is to have a successful start to school. The Joey’s Club transition program is focussed on the “Making Moments Matter” framework. Our Moments Matter’ program develops your child’s love of play, building positive relationships and furthering their oral language skills. 

International research has proven that if you focus on important elements such as read with me, explore/play with me, talk with me, snuggle with me and smile with me learning will naturally flourish resulting in a healthy start in life.  

Our Joey’s Club’s program is based on the above themes creating the beginnings of a wonderful partnership with our parents. We believe the home is the first school, the school is the second home and the environment we create in partnership is like the third teacher.

All are welcome to come and try out school for a Joeys Club session or book in for a school tour.

Please watch our videos celebrating all that St. Joseph’s has to offer.

Please enjoy our Prep designed Making Moments Matter video below