Defence Force Mentor

St. Joseph’s has a Defence Force Mentor to support all of our Defence Force students.
This is a student-focused wellbeing and liaison role.

  •   The mentor assists children when mobility affects their wellbeing and education, helping them to feel significant, known and supported by a supportive adult. This is important as they may have experienced previous moves
  •   The mentor particularly focuses on spending time with children facing periods of separation of a parent. The mentor offers help to students respectful of their interests, circumstance and needs. Every child is unique and tailor-made support is available
  •   The mentor understands that isolation from extended family support networks may mean some children do not have the support of extended families, so the mentor may spend time providing social support for these children
  •   Parental absence can impact some children. The mentor uses evidence-based strategies to buffer the impacts and build resilience by supporting the social interaction and positive mental health of these students, such as empathetic listening and unconditional positive regard
  •   The mentor welcomes and farewells students and prepares the Remembrance Day service at St Joseph’s
  •   The mentor offers other enrichment opportunities to help build a sense of ongoing inclusion in St Joseph’s community including a weekly drop-in Art Club for ADF students and their friends

Parents, please feel welcome to email the ADF School Mentor regarding assistance for their child or children. Please notify the ADF School Mentor of any forthcoming moves, or parental absence if you wish to arrange support your child.