At St Joseph’s School, students are taught skills which develop confidence to be creative, innovative, thoughtful, skilful and informed musicians, both individually and collaboratively.

St. Joseph’s Primary School is proud to boast its music program with students receiving a 60 minute music lesson once a week. The music program is based on the ‘Music Room’ series and also offers education in Drama and Dance whilst focusing on learning all elements of Music. The ‘Music Room’ is a developmental classroom music program designed for all levels of primary aged children. It provides students with experiences in listening, singing, moving, playing instruments and creating in a very fresh and fun way. As well as using the ‘Music Room’ series, the students at St. Josephs’ also receive experience in dance, drama, performance, music theory and learning how to play the Glockenspiel.

At St. Joseph’s we also offer an array of extra-curricular Performing Arts activities. We have a Senior Choir for grades 3-6, a Junior Choir for grade 1 & 2, a Dance group for Grade 5 & 6 and a Rock Band. These extra ensembles proudly represent St. Joseph’s when performing out in the community. Every week a class or extra-curricular ensemble gets a chance to perform at assembly.

St. Joseph’s also has instrumental music teachers that offer Piano, Drum and Guitar lessons during school times or after school.