St. Joseph’s Primary School is proud to boast its music program with students participating in an interactive and immersive weekly experience including music, dance and performing arts, whilst focusing on learning all elements of Music. The students at St. Josephs’ enjoy learning, composing and performing with a wide variety of percussion instruments, song and dance, and movement and performance props such as puppets and glockenspiels.

All students participate in our annual school concert, where costuming, acting, scripts, music, dance and rehearsals all culminate in a show full of shining theatre lights, nervous excitement and a heart-warmed audience. For students in grades 3-6, St. Joseph’s offers the electrifying involvement in the Wakakirri program- a chance to perform alongside other schools and let out our inner musicians, performers, singers, actors and crew on the big stage.

At St. Joseph’s we also offer an array of extra-curricular Performing Arts activities. We run the accredited ‘Drumbeat’ program with African djembe drums, have a Senior Choir for grades 3-6, a Junior Choir for grade 1 & 2, and instrumental music teachers that offer Piano, Drum and Guitar lessons during school times or after school

These extra ensembles proudly represent St. Joseph’s when performing out in the community at a range of public, in-house, Parish and collaborative events, including opportunities for class and additional performance items to be showcased at our weekly assemblies.