Social Emotional Learning (SEL)


At St. Joseph’s we offer a Peaceful Kids/SEL program in our Library setting. This environment offers a quiet and enjoyable space for our students to explore their emotions. Peaceful Kids is a mindfulness and positive psychology based program devised to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children. During our sessions we work to develop coping strategies and help build emotional resilience. To complement this program, social and emotional learning (SEL) is enhanced to help students manage their emotions, set and achieve their goals and establish and maintain positive relationships. Our aim is to give our students the skills to be better equipped to deal with the day to day stresses that life brings.
Activities include;
● Conflict resolution challenges
● Origami
● Mindfulness practice/meditation
● Maze work
● Mandala colouring
● Role plays
● Physical/Outdoor play
● Relaxation music
● Clay work