Wellbeing Overview

At St Joseph’s, wellbeing is at the heart of everything that we do. We believe that students must be provided with safe, effective learning environments in order to become successful learners.

Our teaching methods reflect our belief that all students are individuals, and that they learn at their own pace, and in their own way.

Our behaviour policy provides clear expectations and consequences, and uses an assertive discipline model with restorative practices embedded reinforcing good social skills.

We use the You Can Do It program from Prep to Year 6 to provide essential Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Skills such as resilience, persistence, confidence, organisation, and getting along are explicitly taught, and the children are encouraged to use these skills in all areas of their learning and their life. We see our students as leaders and have many student action teams ensuring our children have an important voice in our school.

Programs such as Seasons (Grief and Loss) Program, Mpower, and Revved Up are run as small groups to address the needs of students  as required. We have an extensive lunchtime activity program ensuring children are well supported on the playground. All playground incidents are recorded and monitored ensuring a safe environment for all.

We have a fantastic transition program – Joey’s Club, where our pre-schoolers are welcomed into the school each fortnight for two terms to assist with a smooth transition to school.

Our Prep Buddy system gives all of our new preps a buddy – an older child in the school, who looks out for them. This  gives them another friendly face in the playground and builds their connectedness within  the school community.

We have a Parent Buddy system also, where new parents are allocated a “buddy” to give them a friend to call on, and at least one familiar face! We have a Defence Force Transition Aide who supports our Defence force students and families.

We are a Kids Matter school and are working towards accreditation as a Health Promoting School. At our school Wellbeing is of utmost importance and we believe that children need to be strong socially, emotionally and physically to reach their full potential academically. 

Every staff member at St Joseph’s makes every effort to ensure that all children feel safe and happy at school-all the time.

Above all every staff member knows and cares about every child.