Jiving Joey's

Testimonial: After trying a number of similar programs around the Peninsula, what impresses me about the Jivin' Joey's program is its ability to cater to a wide range of different ages within a single relevant session. Other programs purporting to be appropriate for all pre-school children I found to be boring for the other children or too difficult for the younger. Jivin' Joeys is a rich and varied program that engages pre-prep children whilst including the most hesitant of toddlers. Even the babies are seen jivin' It is perfect for families with more than one child or families wanting a program that will cater to a growing child's changing developmental needs. 

More than just a movement course, each session includes music, dancing, spoken rhyme, actions, dance, props, stories, bubbles, morning tea, hands-on activities and free play. 

The program offers children (and adults!) the opportunity to develop both fine and gross motor skills; it encourages an appreciation for music, rhythm, colour and patterns; it develops memory, listening and language skills; it provides a safe space for children to develop their social skills among other children of varied ages; and, most importantly, the children absolutely love it! As a parent with only time for one movement activity a week, Jivin' Joeys provides a well-rounded educational experience and we'll keep coming for as long as my daughter does her little excited dance at the mere mention of it which, judging from the other families dancing week after week, will be for a long time to came! - Sarah Cottrill 

17 Martin Street, Crib Point VIC 3919 Victoria Tel: 03 5983 9374 Fax: 03 5983 6081 Send us an e-mail