Family School Partnership

 Family School Partnership: 

Here at St Joseph's we are committed to working in partnership with all our families. We believe that the home is the first school and the school is the second home. We also believe that you as the parent are the most important teacher to your child and we want to walk the journey of education with you. 

The most significant part of our Family School Partnership is building a strong and effective relationship with all our families. 

Research shows overwhelmingly that when schools and parents work together in partnership for the purpose of sharing the  learning journey of your child, then the child performs better. We define performing better in areas of academic, social and emotional learning.


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The Family School Leader:

Anne-Marie Houlihan is our Family School Leader. She works with all members of our school community to provide opportunities to build relationships.  Anne-Marie can be contacted at



What is a Family School Partnership?

A Family School Partnership is a collaborative relationship involving school staff, parents and other family members of students at a school. Effective partnerships are based on mutual trust and respect, and shared responsibility for the education of the children and young people at the school.

A Family School Partnership  focuses on building positive relationships between all members of our school community. In particular, our schools focus on forming positive, respectful and equal relationships with students, parents and teachers.We recognise that you as a parent, are the first educator of your child and we value and need your input so together we can educate your child. Research shows that children flourish and achieve better outcomes with this model.


Supporting children’s learning at home:

Parental engagement recognises the important role that both parents and teachers play in developing positive attitudes towards learning and education for children, building their motivation and confidence as learners, and fostering their enjoyment of learning.

Parents are not expected to know the curriculum but keeping up with your childs learning, knowing what they are learning and showing interest is a great step toward engagement. Having a conversation about your child's learning and relating it to other areas of the childs life not only cements the learning but shows them that you value their education. This is parental engagement 


A school community that encourages belonging and engagement:

Parents and families often lead complex lives today. This makes it all the more important to provide a variety of ways, times and places for parents and families to participate in the school community. It also makes it important to acknowledge and value parent and community participation in student learning and in the school community. This engagement sends a clear message to children about the value of education. When it comes to building a school community that encourages belonging and engagement, Mapp (2003) highlights a ‘joining process’ that involves welcoming parents and families into the school, honouring their participation and engagement, and connecting with them through a focus on the children and their learning. 


Newsletter and Facebook: 

Communication is integral to the success of any relationship. We publish our newsletter every Monday and ask parents to stay connected about events happening in our school.  We also have a Facebook page called St Josephs Crib Point where we share activites and information as well as  articles of interest relating to education, parenting and what is happening in our broader community. Search St Josephs Crib Point on Facebook and “like” us.


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