Inquiry Learning allows students to explore and link curriculum areas such as Science, History, Civics, Art and ICT. This helps students to develop the skills to investigate, question, problem solve and present information about the world around them.

Senior school students try to link their Inquiry Learning to the local and global community. They make connections and partnerships that allow them to extend their understanding beyond their own context.

We have a 2 year cycle of Big concepts that help students deepen their skills and understandings of themselves and their local and global communities. These concepts drive the inquiry process and help students to make connections and take action in their world.

Grade 3/4 Inquiry

The grade 3s and 4s investigated Westernport Bay and why it is an important ecosystem. We each chose an animal to champion and created stop motions to raise awareness for the issues they face. We worked hard all term and have put our stop motions and fact files onto a Google website >> 

We would love you to visit the website and explore our learning!



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